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Our Equipment
On this page you find the astromomical equipment of the "Sternenfreunde Riesa". Most teleskopes are private property of our club members. We also observe with the equipment of the Observatory Riesa.

Celestron Celestar 8 Schmidt Cassegrain Teleskop

Aperture: 200mm
Focal length: 2000mm

This is the biggest private telescope of the team. With 8 inch diameter it is best for all observations you can imagine. Planets in the solar system, the details of the surface from moon and sun, comets, or the galaxies, star clusters and nebulars are fantastic objects in this telescope. Even the pictures you can find at this site from the international space station are made with the C8 with manual tracking by the owner. In the most public activities and events this telescope is in use.

Maksutov Reflecting Teleskop "Russentonne"

Aperture: 114mm
Focal length: 1000mm

This maksutov mirror - lens instrument is really famous for all astronomers, who are travelling around the world for eclipses, oder other astronomical events. Because of the solid production of this compact and high quality instrument in the old sovjet union its nickname is the "Russentonne", which means analogously "russian light bin". You have only place a M42 - T2 adapter on it an then You can use it with nearly every type of camera body. A bright and clear sharpen picture combined with good transportation attributes are typical for this instrument. Look at the space shuttle and total eclipse pictures and you get an imagine of the quality.

Celestron Newton-Teleskop

Aperture: 150mm
Focal length: 750mm

This is an fantastic alround teleskop. You can observe galaxies, clusters, nebula, planets or comets without problems. You can also pair it with a camera.

Personal Solar Telescope (PST) von Coronado

Aperture: 40 mm
Focal length: 400 mm
Halbwertsbreite: ~0,7 Angström

Some members of the club are owner of this telescope. It is used for special solar observations in the alpha hydrogen light where you can see various details of sun`s cromosphere. These could be sun spots like in the continuum filter with detailed flares and magnetic explosions.

Two Lenses Refraktor from Celestron

Aperture: 150 mm
Focal length: 1200 mm

AstroMaster 90 from Celestron

Aperture: 90 mm
Focal length: 1000 mm

Profi - Astro Binokular Miyauchi GALAXIE 20x100 APO

435 x 235mm
N2 Gas fill
Aperture: 100mm
Focal length: 500mm

This is one of the most famous astronomical binoculars in the whorld. With the high quality lenses and the professional coating this instrument is best for visual tours through the night sky. With clear and sharp detailes you could even see faint objects like NGC7000 and the horse head nebular. When there are comets to see, this instrument could show you tails and coma, which cou even could see on photographs, but not in telescopes. The supernova from 2011 in M101 was clearly seen in this great binocular. This Miyauchi 20x100 GALAXIE APO is not produced any more.

Celestron C5

Aperture: 125 mm
Focal length: 1250 mm

Bino TS 100mm

Objektive: Triplet Semi-APO Objektive mit 100mm Öffnung
Vergütung: Multivergütung auf jeder Glas/Luftfläche
Drei Vergrößerungen: 20x, 30x, 37x

Profi - Astro Binokular Miyauchi 22 x 60 Pleiades

290 x 170mm
N2 Gas fill
Aperture: 60mm
Focal length: 300mm

Maksutov "6 zoll Skywatcher Pro Serie"

Aperture: 150mm
Focal length: 1800mm

Refraktor MEADE

Aperture: 90mm
Focal length: 1000mm
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