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On this page you find some interesting weblinks about the topic light pollution.

Earth Hour

logo earth-hour This global initative started in 2007 in Sydney. There were a lot of lights switched down for a whole hour. Now there are global events in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011. More information you find on www.earthhour.org.
The next event is on 31. March 2012.
Pictures from Earth Hour 2010

Event "Licht aus!"

For this event the lights where switches down at

8. Dezember 2007 for 5 minutes!

Skybeamer - The Skykiller

In Riesa we also had one of this Skybeamers in the past. We fight for long time against this king of light pollution, but only with the end of the disco the skybeamer was shut down. Here are some weblinks where this skybeamers are discussd.

The first link is to the forum from Astronomie.de:
Zu den Foreneinträgen

Dark Sky - Initiative against light pollution

On this page www.lichtverschmutzung.de you find an interesting
collection to the issue light pollution.

Light Pollutin maps of germany

High quality maps of germany you find here.
the latest map from december 2010: Light Pollution map of Germany
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