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Picture of January 2017

monthly picture January: Snow

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04th March 2017Observation Riesa at 6 p.m.: The Winter Hexagon and Orion Nebula
25th March 20178.30 p.m. to 9.30 p.m.: turning off non-essential lighting for one hour - Earth Hour -
25th March 2017Observatory Riesa at 10 a.m.: 15th nationwide astronomy day
15th April 2017Observatory Riesa at 6 p.m.: Easter observation with planets, moon and more

Citizens debate is the first civil debate ESA members of the observatory Riesa e.V. participated Read more...

Video Recommendation

Das Video über die Sternwarte Riesa.

An Observatory moves

Here you get all information about the move.

Call for donations

Donation for the Observatory Riesa

Next in the Observatory Riesa...

Astro-Lounge Come and visit us on 05th march 2017 - we would be very pleased to see you at our club rooms on the Kreuzstraße 5 and ask your questions about astronomy or our club. Read more...
Child university On 01th march 2017 the child university of riesa starts with a new lecture of winter semester 2016/17. Detailed information will follow shortly.
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Totale Mondfinsternis 2011 über Deutschland.

random picture from the gallery

Totale Mondfinsternis 2011 über Deutschland.

Current Observation

Current Observation 5th February 2017
5th February 2017
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Sky now

The sun

The sun in continuum light:
The sun in h-alphlight:
Film about the sun activity from SOHO (ca. 11 MB):

current Moon Phase

Moon-tool gadget with current moon phase for your webpage

Northern Light Activity

Solare X-rays:
Geomagnetic Field:

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